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A brave and unified new world


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Inspite of the differences in culture and history, a brave and unified new world is emerging after the earthquake, tsunami, and the ongoing radiation catastrophe which hit Japan on March 10, 2011.

Countries with long standing conflicts of all kinds set aside their differences to address the multiple and enormous task of recovery, rescue, and rebuilding of communities destroyed by the 8.9 earthquake, and inundated by the tidal wave. Now, the effects of radiation from the damaged nuclear plants are of utmost concern to the whole world.

Japan is one of the most modern, developed countries, but the enormity of the devastation cannot be overlooked, hence, it needed the assistance of the member-countries of the United Nations.

The Philippines sent its recovery and rescue teams along with medical doctors with experience in trauma medicine. This is our moral duty, and to recall, Japan usually is the first to respond and help the Philippines after a calamity. The presence of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) projects in our Province is a testament to the generosity of the Japanese people.

We cannot imagine how the calamity had impacted on the lives of the thousands of Japanese people, along with the Filipinos who lived in the area of Sendai and its environs.

Let us be reminded that the Philippines is within the Ring of Fire or the earthquake-fault line of the Pacific Rim. Many are now asking: “Are we prepared for a big one?” But most people cannot answer that question. Let us remind our government officials about that question.

On the brighter side, Japan in its rebuilding efforts will need a lot of workers, mostly in the construction and health sector. The Chinese saying says: “The other side of calamity is opportunity!” The field of study of nuclear science-radiation will be in focus, and there will be advancement in the treatment of the effects of radiation, fall-out, or melt down. After the Japan Disaster 2011, there will be breakthroughs in the study of earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear plants. There will be advanced nuclear technology, the whole world will be wiser for it.

With a brave and unified world, this will present job opportunities to the many who are graduating from our schools, colleges, and universities this March.

But more importantly, the earthquake that lasted only a few minutes on a clear afternoon reminds us how fragile life can be.

They say that some Japanese do not believe in God because they are so focused on practical things, and they are abundant in material things. In fact, they are the most prepared nation for earthquakes.

This is the reason that we have faith, when we look up to a Higher Being whom we know as God, and that we submit our fate in the hands of God. This is why we pray everyday, and we try to cherish each moment of life. This is the reason why we believe and pray that we will be spared from the Big One.

Congratulations to Francis George Yap who is graduating from the SU College of Nursing!

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