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Del Carmen vs. Pacquiao


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Now on its 75th anniversary, the SU College of Law has come a long way. SULAW President Lester Nuique, with a touch of humor, but with rhyme and reason, celebrated his journey from Aggie to the Bar in the most literal sense, sharing growing pains, trials and tribulations of a law student’s ordeal — with foremost Bar buddy Enteng dela Plaza and his drinking family who may be too embarrassed to be mentioned by name.

Probably this mix of serious intent and dedication to “tongue in cheek” humor, Lester decided to invite two prize fighters to the activities of SULAW — Dr. Rolando del Carmen and Cong. Manny Pacquiao.

When Rolando Del Carmen was appointed dean of the SU College of Law in 1962, his first graduates were the golden batch of Class 66 with a 100 percent passing in the Bar: Humilde Serate, Joshua Capunong, Jose Hernando Jr., Rene Gutierrez, Arturo Santos, Fructoso Villarin II, and two Bar topnotchers: Francisco Dy Yap (4th place), and Delia Sutton-(13th place).

Dean Rolando Del Carmen is now an expert on Criminal Justice in the United States where he lives with his lovely wife, Josie, and is an author of books and publications which are quoted in Supreme Court decision all over the world.

He shared his thoughts on justice which he considers innate in the nature of man. It is primordial since the beginning of time, and is a constant theme in biblical writings.

The struggle for justice is continuing, for “there can be no justice if there is no rule of law, and no one should be above the law”.

Del Carmen said it is obvious that President Ninoy’s No wang-wang policy is a simplistic and symbolic concept of what it is all about. He concluded with the suggestion of changing the lyrics of the song Let there be Peace on Earth with the word “Justice”, and that this would be more apt and fitting to remind everyone of his or her duties towards Justice for All.


Cong.Emmanuel ”Manny” Pacquiao was a giant among the legal Eagles. His life story is inspiring and known the world over that he was introduced very briefly like a bikini — covering only the essential parts — by his Sillimanian constituent lawyer Antonio Delim of Saranggani.

Manny came through as a very sincere person, with a transparent desire to share his blessings and positive karma. One cannot help but like the guy, and even be held in awe by his mercurial success.
But Manny is like a lawyer with his fists, bringing honor to his country with each fight.

A lawyer has to do legal duel in advocating for his client. He uses his mental skills, but we have heard of tales of those who have used their fists to settle an issue.

Well, if Manny was a lawyer, we would all want to watch him fight to victory with his fists.

But one cannot be a champion in any field without brawn and brains. For that, Manny is the best “Pound for Pound Boxer” in the world.
It is was a draw because Dr. Lando Del Carmen admitted he is an avid fan of Manny, and collects the films on his fights; Manny was also in awe of all the lawyers, but his idea of “horizontal leadership” impressed Dr. Del Carmen.

Being members of the mutual admiration club, SULAW, with Lester, Dean Mikhail Lee Maxino, and former Dean Myles Bejar, really made the anniversary memorable, and allowed for time for reunions, renewals of friendships, recollections, especially with the presence of Cong. George Arnaiz and classmates especially Justice Ramon Bato.

Before parting, the words of the Silliman song rang out: Loyal will we be to Silliman!”

Happy trip to all alumni, friends, and family! Come back to Silliman soon.

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