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In Dodo’s time


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Governor Emilio “Dodo” Macias III, has passed away, and most of the people of Negros Oriental grieved for the demise of a “hands on”, leader who had served in various public positions, as a Con-con Delegate, Sangguniang Panlalwigan Member, Vice Governor, Deputy Minister of Health, Congressman and Governor. Though, a politician by choice, he was a medical at heart having graduated from the University of the Philippines, College of Medicine. His wife, Dr. Melba Pandy Lopez, was his classmate and lifelong partner in their fruitful journey, blessed with six children, four of whom are doctors and all of them, professionals, in their own right. As fellow travellers in the journey of life, we are witnesses to each other struggles, successes and failures, renewals and reflections, of the people encountered in this journey.

Dodo touched the lives of many of his loyal followers and constituents in the different areas of the province. In the 1980s, many will remember how he espoused the “one grid-one rate” policy, knocking at the doors of people whom he think could help him push through his vision of one rate for the region. While Dodo Macias was well known because of the Macias name, his personal crusade brought him to our doorstep. At this time, my husband, Atty. Francisco Dy Yap was the President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines ( Negros Oriental Chapter), and naturally, my main task was to listen and make him comfortable in our living room. At the outset, he came through as a driven, headstrong, and passionate about his vision.

Many years later, the elections after EDSA , brought my husband, Frank and myself to his doorstep, this time, we were among those who encouraged him to run for Governor. Riding on the post-EDSA fervor, we formed a loose coalition of like minded individuals, composed of: Glynda Descuatan, Dr. Joannie Dy Sycip, Moises Sycip, Gregorio Uymatiao, Jr., and Atty. Edwin Torres, the group was named the Citizens Movement for Good Government (CMGG). He won as Governor, serving for three (3) terms. The campaign motto was: “Evil men flourish because good men do nothing!”;

After his election as Governor, he spearheaded the celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the founding of the province, in 1990, institutionalizing the Negros Oriental Centennial Commission, with Dr. Joannie Sycip as Chairperson, Glyda Descuatan as Vice-Chairperson, and myself as the Secretary. It was at this point that we closely worked with Gov. Macias and together, we exerted all efforts to put the best image of the province to the nation and to the world.

Now, that Dodo is now in his final resting place, he left this world, as he always was, vibrant, full of action and hopes for the future. This is how my husband and myself remember Dodo: meeting his unmistakable vehicle already on the roll at 5:00a.m.- how the man loved his job and how he looked forward to each day, with the enthusiasm and determination, that only Dodo as Dodo, can exude.

Our prayers and condolences to Baba, and her children, Dodo will surely be missed, but, they can rest in the consolation that the memory of . Dodo is kept alive in the hearts of many, who know and respect him, as a devoted family man and public servant.

This time, Dodo has reached his final resting place. May he rest in Peace!.

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