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Soothing the sniffles, lingering coughs


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Jadon and I have always been keen on taking care of our children’s health in the optimum way possible. Yet sometimes no matter how hard we try to shield them from all these invisible viruses, we just can’t help but fall short.

For any parent out there, we want nothing more than to see our children healthy and happy. However, this lingering cough seems to linger much longer these days.

I used to think I’d never catch a cold from younger kids especially mine because we all usually tend to believe it’s the other way around.

But I guess over time, living in one roof makes it a reservoir for these viruses to just stay longer, and make it more difficult to curb.

It scares me every time because the kids seem to just choke on their cough. I even thought at some point that my daughter Chebby was just overdoing it to eject whatever was bothering her.

When I unfortunately caught the cough myself recently, I found myself gasping for breath each time I choked on my cough. Then I’d panic when I felt like I couldn’t catch up with my breath. I’ve been asthmatic all my life but coughing like this had never been scary til now.

When we went to the hospital one time, we noticed the same situation with other kids going for checkups; we were all coughing like we were choking on it.

Per the advice of our doctor, lingering coughs in children can be caused by a variety of factors, including viral infections like the common cold or flu, allergies, asthma, or even environmental irritants, such as smoke or pollution.

In some cases, a cough may persist even after the initial illness has resolved — which could be really frustrating for us parents and our kids.

Aside from over-the-counter medication our doctor prescribed for us, he gave us tips for managing lingering coughs:

Hydration is key: We often underestimate the power of drinking eight glasses of water. Of course, there will never be any better substitute for water but warm broths will also help soothe our throats.

Elevating the head: As an asthmatic, this has helped me survive a million times. Propping up your child’s head with extra pillows as they sleep helps reduce post-nasal drip, and minimize nighttime coughing. Trust me, it works.

Rest and relaxaction: this is a serious final advice. This is crucial to support the children’s immune system, and aid in recovery from illness. Plenty of rest means an average of eight to 10 hours of sleep for kids, and one -hour power naps/siesta in the afternoon.

Of course, I’m going to add my own favorite remedy that works wonders for me all the time:

Honey and lemon: For children over the age of one, honey mixed with lemon juice can provide natural relief for cough symptoms. Just be sure to avoid honey in children under one year of age, due to the risk of botulism.

And finally, when all these remedies fail, we should be quick enough to decide to seek medical attention. Never ever delay our kids’ dire need for checkups, no matter how emotionally- and financially-draining it could get. I cannot overemphasize this enough.

Jadon and I learned our lesson four years ago, and we ended up paying for more.

Most lingering coughs in children are harmless, and could resolve on their own with time, but there are certain red flags that we should watch out for that may lead to a more serious condition.

So before leaving, our doctor made sure to remind us to watch out for the following symptoms, and get back to him when they appeared: High fever, Difficulty of breathing, Wheezing or chest tightness, Persistent cough lasting more than three weeks, Cough accompanied by vomiting which could lead to dehydration.

No parent likes getting sick, let alone seeing our little ones getting, too, but with patience and proper care, and a little hug, we can help alleviate their discomfort, and assist them in their recovery.

Remember to focus on hydration and rest, and not to hesitate to seek medical advice when we have concerns about our child’s health.

Our children deserve every penny to survive;  better than to be sorry later.

So here’s to helping Chebby and Wuwu breathe easier, and get them back to their happy, healthy selves in no time.

Stay well and stay informed, mommies and daddies! To happier, cough-free days ahead!


Author’s email: LujanaHerrenauw7@gmail.com



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