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Get moving, walk, walk, walk!”, this was the repeated refrain of Cathy Carballo, fitness expert.

Mind you, the moves were just to walk, kick, move sideways, make a few steps to the front, raise arms, in time with the music, but the first mile alone will leave you sweating and breathless.

No excuses, you could just walk in place if you can’t keep up, as instructed. But I was looking at my watch, and counting the minutes, and before I knew it, success! I made it to the third 15-minute cycle!

The Silliman alumni and friends who participated in the activity, spearheaded by Ruben “Bobot” Bokingo, president of the SU Alumni Association Dumaguete Chapter, may have come in all sizes and ages, but with the same goal of getting fit and healthy.

The motto “Health is wealth”is not just a glib phrase; it is a must and should be the top priority of our activities of daily living.

While most people profess and even swear by that motto, there are only a few who make it a mandatory part of their daily routine. It is as if, many are wishing that the gift of good health will just come out of a bottle, like the genie.

When are we supposed to be conscious about our health? Apparently, from conception to resurrection?

Yes, it seems that the “instant everything, Flower People-Me-generation of the 60 until the 80s” are now facing middle age, with health issues ranging from diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, and the Big C.

Many are complaining of headaches which are actually indicators of hypertensions, joint pains due to high uric acid, polyuria, and hyperphagia due to diabetes, and other related aches and pains.

Many of these health issues are preventable and curable, under the current advances in medicine, in relation to changes in lifestyle habits by having proper diet and exercise. (Gosh! This is easier said than done.)

According to research studies, six out of every 10 adults worldwide have weight problems. However, the problem of obesity in America is seen even in school children. This is the reason why healthy eating and exercise are at the core of the centerpiece project of First Lady Michelle Obama.

My personal experience with cerebrovascular disease is making me pay attention to my own health needs.

There was always a valid reason not to exercise, or that there is always tomorrow to do it, as our mañana habit goes.

And it is always so gratifying to eat good food like humba, lechon, chocolates, ice cream.

These delicious food were not affordable to a college girl going through school on a scholarship, living with generous relatives in campus and a very limited budget; and wanting to be a nurse!

Now that I am able to afford these foods, they have become prohibited for the sake of my health.

Such is the reality of life: they say eating lechon will make you forever young because you will never grow old.

It was fun and re-affirming to be exercising with friends like Glynda Descuatan, who made sure I attended; Alex and Irma Pal, who were among the prime movers of the event; Rudy Juan, Delia Chua, Atty. Pristine Raymond, Allan Martinez, Marietta Dinopol, Candida Patajo, Inday Yolanda Maxino, and all the rest who made it all more worthwhile. My husband, Frank, patiently participated to the best of his ability.

Why don’t we have another round of that walk live activity? Contact Bobot Bokingo or the SU Alumni Office for details.

Cathy Carballo meanwhile holds yoga and walk live classes in her home along the highway in Daro across NO High School.

Let’s all have proper diets, and continue to exercise. As what Cathy said: “Get up and move!”

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