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Typhoon Juan lessons


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Most people sighed with relief because Typhoon Juan came and went with minimal damage to life with the number less than 30, nationwide.

However, the damage to property and its economic sequelae amounts to hundreds of millions.

Have people listened to the lessons of Typhoon Juan as signs of climate change? If you watched the TV coverage of the typhoon, you should be fully aware and warned!

The predictions were made on the possible increase in the number of typhoons, rainfall, and droughts, with the change in weather cycle.

The path of the typhoon wreacked havoc in the ricefields and infrastructure of Isabela and Cagayan, and its adjacent provinces.

Locally, the campaign to institutionalize actions in response to climate change must be given priority, in view of the projected six typhoons arriving before the end of the year.

The time to act is now, the drive to manage waste properly and effectively; programs must involve the barangay. Each household must be required to comply the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle practice. The schools have started teaching pupils and students on the strategies to abate the deleterious effects of climate change.

Individually, each one should review practices in terms of the use or reuse of plastic grocery bags, segregation of bottles, cans from biodegradable wastes, etc. — there has to be a conscious effort to start climate change adaptation habits.

It is difficult to comprehend the projection that water must be conserved because its sources are running dry.

Forest trees and its root system acting as water basins are diminished everyday. Many government programs and civic groups launched projects to plant trees, and restore our forest cover.

The use of alternative clean and renewable energy must be promoted — solar energy use, has yet to catch on because it is very challenging to wean ourselves from the use of fossil fuels.

Where “there is the will, there is a way” and everyone should take baby steps towards a more climate change adapted lifestyle.


Welcome to Dumaguete my high school classmates from Stella Maris College Oroquieta City batch 1968 led by Atty. Mita Quamino-Martinez, Marilou Mutia-Paler, and Virgie O. Digamon.

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