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Waka-waka Christmas spirit


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The spirit of Christmas is everywhere. Foundation University celebrated its annual mardi gras with activities lined up, with indefatigable Dr. Mira Sinco at the helm. The students, faculty members, and staff are fired up with the theme: FU@61 The Wellness Generation; Apil Tanan.

Kudos to the FU community as it re-affirms its commitment to culture of excellence. The dance presentations at the Gabi sa FU had some modern dance forms adapted from African tribal dances like the waka- waka.


A fortnight back, the St. Joseph Seminary was the prime mover/beneficiary of the concert Ecce Sacerdos which highlighted the musical talents of priests, like Father Ray Pascual.

Father Randy of Bais wowed everyone with his poignant rendition of Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina. And the priests floored the audience with their version of waka-waka.

After watching the show, Babie Amasula as president, Ging Bausin, and Eppie Ramada, all Rotary spouses of the Mother Club, decided that the ladies should do a version of waka-waka for the club Christmas Party.

Kitty and Jun Gonzales hosted the practice at their residence. Baby Villamil, Cecil Gonzales, and Grace Obanana sweated out to achieve the performance level, and it turned into a healthy dancing session.


To many, the waka-waka is just another popular hit song. It is actually the theme of the Federation of International Football Association competition held in South Africa.

A hark back to their tribal origins, the words, rhythm, yells, and actions are reminiscent of their aboriginal/ traditional culture. Gone are the days when South Africa had the oppressive apartheid policy; it has become a progressive, modern country.

Anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela who led their struggle was awarded the Nobel Laureate, and is now an icon of peaceful assimilation of different cultures, unity amidst diversity, triumph over adversity.


This is the reason why the lyrics of waka-waka This Time for Africa! may be adapted to This time for the Philippines!

This is not new to us because Manny Pacquiao had stated the same phrase in Tagalog: Para sa bayan ito!

The spirit of waka-waka is relevant to us because we need to have a sense of nationhood in the face of challenges.

This Christmas is a time to rise above our concerns and to take time to focus on the good times — remember friends, family members both here and overseas, and all those who touched our lives, one way or another.

Decide to be happy this Christmas season, have a waka-waka Christmas spirit in your hearts! Give love this Christmas time. Be careful: cholesterol alert.

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