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What do our children think about the 98 million Filipinos in the country?


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I think our country’s population is too many. If we don’t do something, our country will be full. — Marcky, 7

We have a big population. That is good because there are more people to meet, and more friends to make. — Jillian, 9.

There are many people. That is bad because some would be criminals. — Sabien, 8.

The Philippines has plenty of people because God wants plenty of people in the world. — Sevi, 6.

There’s a lllllllottttttttt of people already, and that’s bad for people who are poor. — Dominique, 10

There’s plenty of people using condom. Condom is bad. Do it naturally even when you’re married. — Von, 10.

We are a small country with few resources, and with a lot of people to feed and provide for. I believe the government must initiate more programs to help control the rapid population growth. Government must compromise with the Catholic Church in terms of birth control. — Giancarlo Dominador, 12

Too many people in a tiny country. — So__ a, 8.

There’s plenty of people. That’s good because there’s plenty of people to help us. — Sim, 7.

Yeah, I just knew from our Social Studies class the other day that our country is over population. I don’t want to explain. That’s all I can share. — Aaron, 9.

Good. Beautiful. Old. — Toni, 8.

PNoy cannot control the people because they are many and always fighting, and the people are starting to grow. — Joseph, 9.

I can say about my beautiful country there are beautiful peoples. — Kurt, 8.

The population, like the soldiers, fight for their country and they have faith in God, and all the people have faith in God. — Joseph, 9.

Our country is always getting floods. — Shastah Gaille, 7.

The people in the Philippines are plenty but we show kindness to each other. But sometimes the people are fighting. — EJ Alvin, 8.

I can say the people are good. And healthy, too. — Khaizer, 7

The population is good and excellent, and that’s all. — James Angelou, 9

I can say about the population aaaammmm…nice, colorful, and nice people and good to other people. — Saljun, 8.

The people are kind, intelligent, and they learn to forgive. — Sean Mikyla Deonne, 7.

Sometimes the people are good, and sometimes the people are bad. — Ed Joshua, 8.

Some many people kill some men. That I can say.– Raniel, 8.

The country is a beautiful place, and the people are kind, helpful, and lovable. And the country is clean and green, and our School is big and beautiful. And I like the mall and the food stores. — John William Orven, 9.

All peoples are good. But other people are bad. — Jeric Jan, 7.

There are still good people. Some are bad; the people are always fighting. Sometimes they kill people. — Alexiss Jan Carlo, 8

The country’s population is working great now because my Mom has work now. So that’s why I say that the population is working great. — James Gerard, 8.

Ummm (long pause)…okay? ummm (long silence) …I think that it’s good or okay. — Josh, 10.

Polluted country. — Juana, 14.

If we’re many, we are happy. — Rodnie, 9.

The population is working great! — John Wendell, 8.

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