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What do you do to keep fit and stay healthy?


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I pray for fitness and health, and I do my share as well to achieve it. The secret is to pray and to be happy. – Dr. Rico Absin, anaesthesiologist

Fresh food and an active lifestyle are the key. I do yoga and swimming for exercise, then we have a lot of home-cooked meals. We minimize eating processed food, have no sodas nor powdered juice drinks at home. I keep fit and healthy to avoid getting sick. Mahal magkasakit. –Nadia Abesamis, biology professor

To keep fit, I go for a 24-km. bike ride three to four times a week. I also drink lots of milk, aside from taking vitamins A to Z (Alma to ZsaZsa. Joke) — Andrew Mananquil, avid mountain biker . To keep fit and healthy, I enrolled myself in Walk Live classes by Cathy Carballo. I figured, if I shell out money to exercise, I’d take it more seriously. Also, I try really hard to stay away from sweets. Usually, the effort proves futile though. At least, I don’t drink and smoke. –Atty. Pristine Martinez-Raymond, EDLAW legal counsel

At 7am daily when possible, I do a five-kilometer run in the oval with my iPod Nano on earphones. I also do good cardio and weight-bearing workout. There’s no crowd, and it’s a great time to be by yourself — just the track, your music, and you. I also do mountain bike. –Babbu Wenceslao, proprietor

I do moderate exercise on the treadmill, 30 minutes, three times a week. I eat blanched veggies for breakfast two to three times a week, and have lots to fruits. I have more fish than meat in my diet. And I have a happy marriage — that’s why I’m fit and healthy. – Baby T. Armogenia, married to Architect Rene Armogenia, proprietors, South Sea Resort

I walk an hour and a half everyday, except Fridays which is my rest day. I try to eat more fish and vegetables. I feel at lot better. –Rudy Diaz, sugarplanter

For a healthy lifestyle, I eat the right food, I exercise daily, and I have a regular check up with my doctor. Most of all, I have a positive outlook in life. Feeling healthy also comes from within. –Janet Gravador, proprietor, Dumaguete Grandeur Travel & Tours

How do I stay in great shape? a balanced diet, cross-training five times a week (boxing/muaythai/running), and lots of sex. I do these so I can perform to my optimum
(family/work/church/community). — Ed Dames, sports enthusiast

I’ve always embodied three things to keep fit and healthy: balanced diet, regular exercise, and a happy disposition. I embrace these things as a matter of lifestyle, not as a trend or a pastime. — Atty. Dinah Chu, EDLAW legal counsel

I ride my mountain bike along the rough and hilly terrain of Valencia to enjoy, and to commune with nature. At the same time, it makes me physically fit. Exercise through biking helps lower the cholesterol, uric, and sugar levels in my body. – Rev. Elmer Saa, Silliman Church pastor

I stay fit and healthy by taking long brisk walks, and by drinking lots of water. Dumaguete is so small, everything can be reached by walking. I exercise while I do my errands. — Engr. Rona Valente, designer-proprietor, Veronica’s Closet Online

One must look at fitness the spiritual way, knowing that our body is God’s temple. I don’t want to do anything harmful to it. I still indulge in my favorite food once in a while, but I exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes with either yoga, badminton, or mile walk with Cathy Carballo. — Aurora Jane R. Miranda, businesswoman

I join marathons organized by various clubs in different places. To prepare for that, I run in the morning, and sometimes do kettle bells after work. Aside from the fact that such activities keep me fit and healthy, it feels good being able to finish a marathon; and kettle bells/running give me more energy at work. — Karen Baena-Bigay, Foundation University

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