OpinionsVox PopuliWhat was the greatest legacy of Gov. Dodo Macias?

What was the greatest legacy of Gov. Dodo Macias?


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He pushed for better access to health and education in the Province. May the next Governor continue this legacy by adopting or improving on programs Macias had implemented. Judy Partlow-Flores, manager, Philippine News Agency

Governor Macias is the perfect example of “service above self”. He was a genuine statesman who didn’t enrich himself but always thought of the interest of Negros Oriental. That is why we have the Macias Sports Complex, the Aqua Center, the very much improved-Provincial Hospital, the Freedom Park, the various roads, and countless other school buildings in the hinterlands. — Manuel “Chiquiting” Sagarbarria, Dumaguete City mayor-elect

Basta NegOr! — Prof. Roy de Leon, biology teacher

Building community hospitals and roads in the hinterlands of Negros which made health services and government services accessible to the people. To facilitate that, he equipped the Provincial Hospital with state-of-the-art facilities, thus providing Negrenses and its neighbors with excellent health services. Emma Panaguiton, Council secretary, San Juan City

A rare case of public service exemplified by character and integrity. — Francel Martinez, executive director, Negros Oriental Investment Promotion Center

Being a great Dad to his children. His legacy is what Eileen, Butch, Ricky, Mark, Erwin, and Eleanor have become. He surely raised them well. — Nanette Dumalag-Sanglay, proprietor, Infomate Computer Systems.

The greatest legacy of Macias is a clean, honest, and dynamic governance. — Romy Amarado, chairperson, Perpetual Help Credit Cooperative Inc. (PHCCI)

His legacy is putting a balance in the political landscape of the Province. — Atty. Raymund Mercado, chapter governor, Integrated Bar of the Philippines

Governor Macias will always be remembered for giving the poor and marginalized sectors in the Province better access to health facilities and services, food sufficiency and security, and good governance, among others. The Negrenses are grateful to him for making Negros Oriental what is it today. Atty. Gloria Futalan, Business and Law professor

Governor Macias was an excellent provincial executive. His health and anti-poverty programs even preceded the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. His administration was marked by honesty, integrity, and sincerity. Governor Dodo will always be remembered, adored, and loved by many. — Prof. Carlos Magtolis Jr., Visayas coordinator, Social Watch Philippines.

Governor Macias greatly improved health services, farm-to-market roads, a permanent Sidlakang Negros Village which supports the Province’s tourism potential. He was a dedicated public servant who had his boots on even up to the end. We will all miss him. — Dr. Batchiba Lacdo-o, vice president for Academic Affairs, St. Paul University Dumaguete

For setting up the community hospitals in the hinterlands of Negros Oriental in the early 90s. Together with civic clubs like the Rotary Club of Dumaguete South, he joined forces to set up such a very important project to address the health needs of his constituents in the hinterlands of Negros Oriental. — Alexander Amor Jr., organic farmer

Dodo Macias was committed to public service and had a headstrong determination to actualize his vision like a world-class public hospital, tourism activities in Lake Balanan or at Sidlakan Negros Village, etc. We honor him in his legacy. — Atty. Whelma Siton-Yap, legal counsel

It’s the institutionalization of the community-based resource management program that gained for the Province in 1995 the prestigious Galing Pook Award for the first time. After the World Bank Central Visayas Regional Project phased out in December 1992, Governor Macias took me from CVRP as project manager for eight years to set up the Resource Management Division in February 1993, which has now evolved into the ENRD to undertake CBRM and other environment projects and activities province-wide. That resulted in my being pirated by the World Bank in 1995 as consultant. That started my career as environment consultant and advisor to the World Bank, USAID, UNEP, and Asian Development Bank for than 20 years. And I have Governor Macias to thank for all that. William E. Ablong, Dumaguete City administrator

Health institutions and tourism attractions are two of his most important legacies we are thankful for. — Prof. Lorna Pena Reyes-Makil, sociologist

Health care for the masa. — Dwight Sun, principal, West City Elementary School

I personally mourn the passing of Governor Macias. His greatest legacy as governor and congressman was the utilization of community values and traditions such as cooperation, alayon, tinabangay, kurambos, etc. to promote development in Negros Oriental. This is evident in his award-winning initiatives like the community hospital, community high school, a permanent site for the Buglasan, the Tabo sa PAO, and many other projects — that have brought national and international recognition to the Province. His vision and loyalty to the Province is hard to match. — Prof. Leonor Briones-Magtolis, former National Treasurer

The greatest gift Governor Macias gave to Negros Oriental and Dumaguete is the rotonda and fountain that would replace the welcome entrance to the City from the pier. It’s been an eight-year project, half of the budget of which the Governor has approved after learning of the delay in the construction due to financial reasons. Macias was a visionary, and I admire him for it. The Province may have lost a great leader, a compassionate achiever and worker. We should push through with the rotonda project and name it in honor of Governor Macias. Perhaps in his death, the rotonda would become reality. No other city from Aparri to Jolo has a rotonda fountain greeting its guests coming into their towns. — Dr. Rico Absin, Dumaguete City Tourism Council

Governor Macias was consistent with his being a medical doctor. Improvement of health care service in the Province was a priority for him. — Dr. Susan Micaela Ozoa-Denura, cardiologist

Governor Macias excelled in every aspect of public service. I am proud of him as the father of Negros Oriental. He was par excellence. — Roy T. Cang, proprietor, Cang’s Department Store

Governor Macias’ greatest legacy is his passion towards health care services like putting up community primary hospitals in the hinterland barangays, the PHINO, and acquiring sophisticated diagnostic equipment like the MRI. — Maricar Aranas, seniorreporter, Fil Products Cable TV

He is a great loss to the province of Negros Oriental. Gov. Dodo Macias showcased genuine public service to the fullest. He has driven the Province to greater heights, which has taken us to a level that we are proud of. He will be greatly remembered as the “cowboy” working Governor. Hurrah to Governor Macias! We will miss him so much. God be with him. — Engr. Jul Gallogo, proprietor, DN Steel Dumaguete

The greatest legacy of Governor Macias is infrastructure, especially the Lamberto Macias Cultural & Sports Complex. — Rudy Juan, patron of the arts

Governor Macias’ greatest legacy is upgrading the level of local government health care. — Dr. Krypton Kho, neurosurgeon

Governor Macias has improved hospital services in the Province, including in the rual areas. — Dr. Angel C. Alcala, chairperson, SU Angelo King Center for Research & Environmental Management

We may classify Governor Macias’ legacy into “hard” and “soft”: The hard part is easy — we can see the many structures built, and equipment installed during his long tenure. The soft part is quite hard to define because it involves intangibles. Although a politician, Governor Macias apparently succeeded in treading the honorable path, for he left behind a name untainted by scandal. He developed a reputation for being independent-minded, even stubborn. He often did things his own way. This was his management style. In this sense, he was a pioneer. But did he leave an indelible mark in our hearts and minds? Will succeeding generations remember him with respect and admiration as a great governor and a statesman? Only time will tell. For now, we mourn the passing of a man who tried a different path for our Province. May he rest in peace. — Engr. Gilbert R. Arbon, provincial director, Department of Science & Technology

I think it’s his dedication to public service, as exemplified in his political, legislative, and executive works. — Atty. Manny R. Arbon, Dumaguete City Councilor

Governor Macias leaves us with a legacy of devoted public service, of serving people 24-7. — Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, president, Silliman University

The greatest legacy of Governor Macias is the establishment of tertiary hospital in the hinterlands of Negros Oriental — something that no other government official has been able to do. — Dr. Patrick Chua, orthodontic, Holy Child Hospital

Governor Macias was doctor who treated people with their illnesses, a politician who prioritized the people’s basic needs, and a leader who knew how to take care of his constituency. — Roy Bustillo, president, Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas-Dumaguete Chapter

Governor Macias’ greatest legacy was his good valus of honesty, integrity, fairness, hard work, and his friendliness both in his public and private life. — Judge Terry Chiu, dean, Foundation University College of Law & Jurisprudence

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