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What will you do to adapt/help mitigate the impacts of climate change?


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No to fireworks! It is not necessary to meet the New Year with it. It is pagan. It is very chemically-pollutive (contributes greatly to acid rain and global warming). It is expensive and a waste of money (bad stewardship of God’s resources). It is dangerous. Enlightened leaders have banned it. Those with low IQ crave for it because it is their only idolatrous way (swerte and money) of meeting the New Year. — Francel Martinez, executive director, Negros Oriental Investment Promotion Center

Best thing to do is to plant trees without let up, until every space is filled up with trees. Encourage the proper way of garbage disposal. Discourage the use of plastic. Encourage the use of biodegradable wrappers like banana leaves. — Rudy Juan, Silliman Church

Plant trees. Discipline and harmonize ourselves with nature. – Dr. Henry A. Sojor, president, Negros Oriental State University

Go to your Mayor, ask for tree seedlings, and plant in your backyard, in your front open space, along the road, or in the mountains. Without fanfare, just plant trees. It will help absorb the heat in the environment, mitigating the effects of global warming. — Mayor Bentham dela Cruz, Municipality of Amlan

I will continue to plant more fruit trees as we have over 1,200 Guimaras variety mango trees ranging from 10 to 30 years old in our farm in Mabinay. We have now ventured into Arabica coffee. Our planting of timber trees like mahogany, tugas, and narra at our farm continues. I invite you to visit our backyard nursery if you would like to plant more trees. — Ruben “Bobot” Bokingo, farmer/planter, Silliman Park, Brgy. Bantayan

Plant a tree. Conserve water. Reduce waste. Stop wastage. — Chitty Dominado, community coordinator, Dumaguete Habitat

From the academic perspective, we need to collectively inform to individually transform. Educate to mitigate. — Antonio “Babbu” Wenceslao, Fine Arts professor, Foundation University

Go green and organic. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. — Dr. Roullette Pis-an Cordevilla, faculty, Foundation University College of Arts & Sciences

The best thing I can do is to plant trees, and to encourage everyone in my circle of influence to do the same. — Atty. Raymund Mercado, governor, Integrated Bar of the Philippines Negros Oriental Chapter

We should begin to devote ourselves to Nature, and spell Nature with a capital N. It’s the only way. Green building and green cars are just the beginning. — Ned Carlos, principal architect, Carlos & Antique Architects

I will follow a strict schedule for the use of the aircon and other appliances, gradually cutting down on their usage. I will shop more frequently nearer my workplace where I don’t have to drive, limiting my route to home-work-home. When going out, I will hitch a ride with a friend, ideally, one who lives nearby and who could drive me home. When buying small items, refuse a plastic bag, and opt to carry them with the receipt as proof of purchase. — Mark Raygan Garcia, director, SU Office of Information & Publications

I will continue what I started in my line of work — helping formulate adaptation strategies. — Engr. Gilbert R. Arbon, provincial head, Department of Science & Technology

As a geography professor, I will devote a unit or two on global warming and climate change in my course syllabi, specifically on environmental preservation, protection, and sustainability. I shall emphasize in all my classes the destructive effects of climate change to the environment and society’s well-being. — Prof. Carlos Magtolis Jr., geologist, Silliman University

Recycle, reuse, restore. — Andrew Manalili, proprietor, ADB Printing Press

Climate change merits a change in lifestyle, too. One answer could be as basic as proper waste disposal. — Georgette Gonzales, consultant for Corporate Communitations, Colegio de Sta. Catalina de Alejandria

We can minimize the impact of climate change by cleaning our surroundings and ditches. — Judge Arlene Dato, Regional Trial Court

In my little way, I can help by recycling water and using recyclable trash to reduce pollution. I can do backyard gardening, plant trees, stop burning trash, and help educate people about the impacts of climate change. — Dr. Batchiba Lacdo-o, vice president for Academic Affairs, St. Paul University Dumaguete

Wherever we are, whether in the office, at home, or in school, we can help bring global warming under control. We can help by reducing electricity usage in our homes and in our workplaces, and by improving vehicle fuel efficiency by buying fuel-efficient cars, or by driving less, and walking more. This might be easier said than done but we can always, in our little ways, try. — Atty. Kay

Stir awareness. Make an impact. Plant a tree. — Clee Villasor, photography instructor, SU College of Communication

Live simply and efficiently as much as possible. Climate change is inevitable but we can slow down its effects. Buy only what you need, and not what you want. Eat home-cooked food more often. Turn off those lights when not in use. Stop changing your cellphone every few months. Plant more trees. Redue, re-use, recycle. —Asst. Prof. Nadia Abesamis, biology professor, SU College of Arts & Sciences

I can help in climate change mitigation by supporting green initiatives like buying only lead-free and mercury-free IT products, and actively practicing the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. — Randolph Bandiola, proprietor, Algorithm Computer Service

I will adapt to climate change by pushing for a greener environment. Mother Earth needs our help. — Angelo Villanueva, manager, Dumaguete Outdoors

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