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What’s the best advice you could give to Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo?


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Just continue the programs of Governor Macias and Governor Perdices. — Tyrone Ramas Uypitching, proprietor, Duplamilco

Just one simple advice: Always put priority on the interest of the greater majority, and rise above political patronage. — Atty. Raymund Mercado, governor, Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Negros Oriental

Go out personally to the municipalities, and look at what they need. Prioritize projects that benefit the most number of people. Buying vehicles for Board Members is not a useful expense. Farm-to-market vehicles for farmers is good; which can double as emergency vehicles for the constituents. — Christy Locsin-Bollos, proprietor, Plaza Ma. Luisa Suites

Please work hand in hand with the Church in our efforts towards moral recovery. Businesses should contribute to the holistic development of the Province; not only for financial progress but for moral and spiritual [progress] as well. Work for genuine human development. Give priority to the upliftment of the life of the poor people. — Fr. Gamaliel Tulabing, judicial vicar, Diocese of Dumaguete

Continue the good projects, programs, and legacy of the late Governors Perdices and Macias. — Edward Du, president, Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Take note of the performance of your predecessors, and improve on them. Appreciate suggestions from the staff at the Capitol. — Roy T. Cang, proprietor, Cang’s Shopping Complex

Establish strong connections with the NGOs. Create a venue wherein the NGOs and the concerned government agencies can exchange ideas and possibilities for networking. Create the Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office so that the needs of the children and adults with disabilities can be tackled in a holistic manner by the PWDs themselves. — Analou Suan, executive director, GP Rehab

My unsolicited advice: Let your good deeds and humble words be your form of prayer to God. Know who you ought to truly serve. Be a wise ruler, and govern us with the authority that Providence gave you, with compassion. — Atty. Manuel R. Arbon, Dumaguete City councilor

Do right, and fear no one except God. — Hector “Tata” Villanueva, Bais City

I think I’m not in the position to give him advice. I wish him the best of luck. — Atty. Bentham dela Cruz, Amlan municipal mayor

It would be too presumptuous of me to advise Governor Degamo, considering I’m just a City official. Governor Degamo has served the provincial government for years, and I’m sure he knows what is expected of him as leader of the Province, and what he has to do. All I could do is offer help in case he has projects of the good of Dumaguet City. I wish him the best of luck. — Atty. Alan Gel Cordova, Dumaguete City vice mayor

My best advice is for us to leave him be, and allow Roel to do his job. — Leo Mamicpic, Friends of the Environment in Negros Oriental

Seems like Gov. Roel Degamo is not yet equipped with the required personality profile and expertise of an effective executive. While on the job, he will need somebody beside to mentor him on personality and intellectual development. The likes of Dr. Henry Sojor or Dr. Rico Absin could serve as advisers. Someone has to teach him to gain more self-confidence and firmness of character to be able to impose strength in leadership, and maintain control in the job. — Lino Enojo, employee

My simple advice to our new Governor is to value the virtues of humility, honesty, integrity, dedication, and genuine commitment to public service. The real challenge is to become an exemplary public servant, and continue to raise the standard of politics in our Province, just like what our late Governor Tuting and Governor Macias did during their time. Adhere to the call for great governance, and strive to transform Negros Oriental to greater heights by making significant strides in good governance and economic development reforms. — Cong. Josy Sy-Limkaichong, 1st District representative

Seek counsel from successful and highly-respected community members. — Baby T. Armogenia, proprietor, South Sea Resort

From what I’ve read from Kitang Lungsuranon sa Siaton, Siaton’s local newspaper, Governor Degamo had a good start in life, and formed good values as he was growing up (e.g. self-discipline, hard work). His goals in leading the Province, symbolized in the acronym HELP (Health, Education, Livelihood, Programs & Projects), are commendable. I want to say then, continue walking with God, listen to His counsel, and keep the faith. — Lorna Pena Reyes-Makil, retired sociologist

Stay fit. The Capitol has got all sorts of problems. — Pinky Gloria-Lautner, language professor, businesswoman, tourism advocate

Please continue the legacy of good and honest governance of the previous administrations. Advisers are good but I believe you could do it better if you stick to the principles of transparency and honest government service. Pray more for guidance. God bless Negros Oriental! — Engr. Jul Gallogo, businessman

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