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Yes to P-Noy’s SONA


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P-Noy has to start somewhere, and it cannot be helped. He just had to state what we had been suspecting all along.

The excesses of some government offices, as well as government-owned and – controlled corporations are stupendous and scandalous beyond words.

Among other things that had to be said, what was not said is even more shocking, as the details are still being checked out for veracity and factual support.

And to this backdrop, P-Noy assures the Filipino people:“Yes, change is coming!”and that it begins with the commitment to clean up the mess, and make sure it will not happen again.

Have we heard this before? What makes it different his time?

As surmises and suppositions would go, some hard realities were not spelled out by P-Noy in his SONA. Knowing the facts presented, and with the unprecedented scale of graft and corruption centered on the leakage of the limited resources of the government coffers, few options are available, and yes, any corrective measure will require more sacrifice for the people.

As in, there can be no escape from taxes and more efficient tax collection.

Hinay-hinay lang, P-Noy! One of the measures that was announced by Kim Henares of the BIR is taxing market vendors, sari-sari stores, tricycle drivers, and the like, and for them to be mandatorily required to issue receipts for any sale or revenue from P25 and above. These are mostly of the informal sector — the lifeline of the lower-lower class, referred to Class D and E in our economy.

Firstly, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile is questioning its practicability and its implementability. How can they possibly spend time and resources to catch all the supposed violators?

Secondly, because most of these persons of the informal sector are unregistered and without any permanent address or location, where will BIR look for them?

Thirdly, and most importantly, these people are just trying to earn enough income to buy rice and other basic necessities, and if taxes are imposed on their meager sales, where will they go to earn enough to feed themselves and their families?

This kind of tax measure deserves a second look if this will really solve anything.

What about the big fish? People were made to believe that if there will be more efficient tax collection from the big income earners, it will surely cover the deficit.

There has to be some Solomonic wisdom here; will taxes be imposed and sanctions be meted out on members of the informal sector, or will such measure be counterproductive and oppressive to those who live on the poverty line and below?

Government has to remember that under the present tax regime, no one, not even the poorest of the poor, has escaped the payment of taxes.

Everytime a person (employed or unemployed) buys rice, cooking oil, cigarettes, coffee, sugar; rides a tricycle, uses water, switches on electricity, uses professional services, and does all other mundane activities of daily living, he pays 12 percent EVAT (Expanded Value Added Tax). This is the most effective tax collection, and it does not exempt anybody.

In fact, many are wondering, whatever happened to the katas ng EVAT?

Read my lips: No new taxes! Please, P-Noy, respond to the needs of the people, and consider their pleas.

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