FeaturesMiss Dgte candidates tackle mental health

Miss Dgte candidates tackle mental health


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Empowering Voices

Amidst the vibrant culture and youthful energy in Dumaguete City, at least  three women champion their respectives advocacies, fervently advocating for the empowerment of youth and the advancement of their barangays.

Miss Dumaguete candidates Ayezza Quilinguen from barangay Taclobo, Christine Paghasian from barangay Bantayan, and Mikaela Dy from barangay Batinguel are not just vying for a crown, they’re standing up for meaningful change within their communities.

Miss Taclobo Ayezza Quilinguen with her advocacy on mental health awareness for the younger generation. “Mental health awareness is not just a cause; it’s a calling,” said Ayezza. Her advocacy focuses on dispelling misconceptions, and fostering understanding about mental health issues particularly among today’s youth.

“As a psychology student, mental health awareness is nor just a cause that I support; it’s deeply personal and close to my heart,” shared Ayezza. Her advocacy aims to educate people about the importance of mental health, and provide support to individuals struggling with mental health issues.

By implementing mental health initiatives in schools, Ayezza said she believes in creating a culture of support and empowerment for students. Through workshops and awareness campaigns, she strives to equip young minds with the tools to prioritize mental well-being, and build resilient communities.

Miss Bantayan Christine Paghasian and her advocacy on nurturing mental health in youth through sports.

Recognizing the challenges faced by teenagers in their formative years, Christine estreesed the transformative power of sports in promoting mental well-being.

Her advocacy stems from a personal understanding of the struggles young people face. Referencing research by experts in the field, Christine highlights the vulnerability of teenagers to mental health issues. This vulnerability,  she said, coupled with the pressures of modern life, can create the “perfect storm” for anxiety and depression.

However, Christine isn’t just another concerned voice. As a former athlete and current psychology student, her approach is informed by both experience and knowledge. From the endorphin rush of physical activities, to the valuable lessons learned on the field, she said sports offers a powerful path towards a healthier mind.

Christine’s vision extends far beyond the individual athlete. She recognizes the interconnectedness of the community. By empowering youth through sports, she hopes to foster a domino effect of positive change.”Stronger mental well-being in children translates to more supportive parents, creating a ripple effect that strengthens the entire community fabric,” she said.

“Through sports, their character will be molded as stronger individuals through discipline, and it will also train their minds to find and set good coping mechanisms,” she added.

Christines’s vision extends beyond the basketball court or volleyball field by implementing sports-based initiatives that empower young minds, and which foster a culture of resilience and camaraderie.

Miss Batinguel Mikaela Dy with her advocacy on empowering young adults in their prime centers on empowering young adults aged 25 to 29 to thrive mentally, emotionally, and professionally.

With a mission to cultivate a supportive community that prioritizes mental health awareness and personal development, Mikaela is determined to make a difference in the lives of her peers.

“We will have more empowered and supported young adults,” Mikaela asserted. “This is also for the youth with disabilities, those in low-income families, or the homeless.”

Driven by a desire to make a difference, Mikaela seeks to collaborate with schools, government agencies, and healthcare professionals to amplify the impact of her advocacy efforts, and ensure that every young adult has the opportunity to thrive.(Alysson Palencia and Mary Rose Drotleff)



Photo Caption: Candidates of Miss Dumaguete Diamond Jubilee Wenzell Rendal and Christine Deanne Paghasian share their advocacies. (Dumaguete PIO photo)





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